1. Babies cannot manage crocodiles.
2. Your presents to me are not made of tin.
3. All my potatoes in this dish are old ones.
4. My servants never say "shpoonj".
5. My poultry are not officers.
6. None of your sons are fit to serve on a jury.
7. No pencils of mine are sugar-plums.
8. Jenkins is inexperienced.
9. No comet has a curly tail.
10. No hedge-hog takes in the Times.
11. This dish is unwholesome.
12. My gardener is very old.
13. All humming-birds are small.
14. No one with a hooked nose ever fails to make money.
15. No gray ducks in this village wear lace collars.
16. No jug in this cupboard will hold water.
17. These apples were grown in the sun.
18. Puppies, that will not lie still, never care to do Worsted-work.
19. No name in this list is unmelodious.
20. No M.P. should ride in a donkey-race, unless he has perfect self-command.
21. No goods in this shop, that are still on sale, may be carried away.
22. No acrobatic feat, which involves turning a quadruple somersault, is ever attempted in a circus.
23. Guinea-pigs never really appreciate Beethoven.
24. No scentless flowers please me.
25. Showy talkers are not really well-informed.
26. None but red-haired boys learn Greek in this school.
27. Wedding-cake always disagrees with me.
28. Discussions, that go on while Tomkins is in the chair, endanger the peacefulness of our Debating-Club.
29. All gluttons, who are children of mine, are unhealthy.
30. An egg of the Great Auk is not to be had for a song.
31. No books sold here have gilt edges, unless they are priced at 5s. and upwards.
32. When you cut your finger, you will find Tincture of Calendula useful.
33. I have never come across a mermaid at sea.
34. All the romances in this library are well-written.
35. No bird in this aviary lives on mince-pies.
36. No plum-pudding, that has not been boiled in a cloth, can be distinguished from soup.
37. All your poems are uninteresting.
38. None of my peaches have been grown in a hot-house.
39. No pawnbroker is dishonest.
40. No kitten with green eyes will play with a gorilla.
41. All my friends dine at the lower table.
42. My writing-desk is full of live scorpions.
43. No Mandarin ever reads Hogg's poems.
44. Shakespeare was clever.
45. Rainbows are not worth writing odes to.
46. These Sorites-examples are difficult.
47. All my dreams come true.
48. All the English pictures here are painted in oils.
49. Donkeys are not easy to swallow.
50. Opium-eaters never wear white kid gloves.
51. A good husband always comes home for his tea.
52. Bathing-machines are never made of mother-of-pearl.
53. Rainy days are always cloudy.
54. No heavy fish is unkind to children.
55. No engine-driver lives on barley-sugar.
56. All the animals in the yard gnaw bones.
57. No badger can guess a conundrum.
58. No cheque of yours, received by me, is payable to order.
59. I cannot read any of Brown's letters.
60. I always avoid a kangaroo.

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